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Skyline Overview


Informatica’s Skyline is a modern, cutting edge primary care data analysis solution. Skyline downloads and analyses patient data from the Principal Clinical System and delivers the results in a clean, intuitive, UI. For each customer data is grouped and displayed in accordance with their specific requirements.

It has the ability to deliver clinical decision support in the form of:

  • patient cues,

  • patient data reports; displayed as lists and graphics or downloadable for local analysis or display; and

  • recalls.

Skyline supports a range of third party patient tools and risk calculators.

For more information on the different components of Skyline please see the https://ishealth.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/CSD1/pages/3303735314.

Informatica has been providing Clinical Decision Support and other software tools to the NHS for over 30 years.

Security of Data

Skyline is built using secure coding principles on the NHS approved AWS platform hosted in the UK, and meets NHS requirements defined in:

As well as the following standards:

Informatica are registered with the ICO

Medical Device Registration

Skyline is a medical device registered with MHRA, and I


Skyline is designed and developed by Informatica